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Careers in Aviation

Aviation Job scenario in coming time

Aviation is a buzz word and referred to as a happening domain. It actually is a happening field, especially in India, the growth rate of Aviation is significant and overtake growth rate of most other sectors. Aviation market in India is presently growing at a rate of around 16% and a significant positive growth rate is likely to continue for next 20 years. Increasing number of aircraft, airports and traveling passengers can be taken as a parameter for the growth.

As per the recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) report issued 2023, India is fast emerging as a key global aviation market. Also, CEO of Etihad airways recently counted on India as third largest aviation market in 4 years. Indian Aviation market growth story has been acknowledged by all major stakeholders.

The fast and consistent growth of Aviation attracts investment from Foreign and Indian companies. The same is resulting in job creation. There is need of skilled personnel to support and sustain the market growth. There is demand for more Pilots, technical personnel, ground crew, training staff and many more.

With growing size and numbers of airports, more jobs are being created for airport operations in all departments. A tier II city airport may employ 200 people directly whereas a metro city airport may have over 1000 direct employees. With privatization of more and more airports, airport jobs are available through direct selection by airport operators. Earlier Indian airports were managed and operated by Airport Authority of India (AAI), a public sector undertaking. Air traffic management (ATM) and Communication & Navigation Services (CNS) are still with AAI. In addition to direct jobs, usually an airport generates 5-10 times indirect employment then direct. Educational qualification for these jobs varies based on profile.

A significant portion of the aircraft are not getting maintained in India and the technical work is getting outsourced to other nations. However, we are now developing in-house facilities that is able to bring the business back to India and in coming time, we will be able to become a maintenance hub for entire region. Technical staff in Airline primarily comes with a background of Aircraft maintenance engineering (AME). A student can apply for AME course after 10+2 with Physics and Maths.

An airline hires around 100 people for each aircraft it inducts in the fleet. This 100 include Pilots, cabin crew, engineering staff, ground staff, commercial staff and more. The jobs are available directly with an airline or through a vendor.

Aviation offers jobs for people with varied educational qualifications and aptitude. Salaries in the field are as per market standards and variation comes with operator to operator. They may be an airport operator or airline operator.

Pilot jobs are getting created with more and more aircraft joining the fleet. For addition of an aircraft, an airline hires anywhere between 8-14 pilots. Presently, Indian airlines have made huge aircraft orders and 4-6 aircraft are getting inducted each month by airlines. In addition to airline, private and non-scheduled aircraft fleet is also increasing in India at a high rate.

Aviation is a vast field and offer range of job types in direct and indirect employment. Students can consider aviation as their career domain.

You can listen to what experts has to say about the Industry below.

OFLY objective is to disseminate fair and genuine information regarding Aviation. We do not represent any specific flight school. Author of this blog is an Indian Pilot and keen observer of Indian aviation market. He has flown with multiple flying training schools of India. He enjoys mentoring people who wish to be a commercial / hobby Pilot. He can be approached at for consultation.


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