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Unique Avenue for

Aviation Enthusiasts,

Recreational Flyers

& more

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priAviate - a private Aviator who elevate himself to reach to the skies. Piloting an airplane as a hobby is much more than just learn to fly, It is a blend of passion and accomplishment. Getting airborne at your own will, is a style of priAviate. Nothing comes close to the Experience of control, into the limitless sky.


priAviate club is a syndicate of like-minded people bonded by flying.


Advantage & features


Socializing with like-minded individuals is something we all desire and need. Whether it is attending an event or buying your aircraft, we need the elite community of priAviate. Club organizes regular activity to expand your network. For more, please connect with us.  




priAviate is a blend of dedication, passion, and style. We invite:


  • Individuals holding at least a student pilot license for aeroplane, Microlight or Glider.

  • Private Flying License holders

  • Aircraft owners/co-owners


Flying enthusiasts not falling in any of the above, please connect with us for membership options.

priAviate is a pending Trademark of JAG Aviation Consultants Pvt Ltd

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