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Unique Avenue for

Aviation Enthusiasts,

Recreational Flyers

& more

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Many of us have interest in Aviation or wish to

  • learn to fly as a hobby or skill

  • explore options to have recreational flying

Despite of many flight schools in India, there is lack of guidance and authentic information for people with such interest. OFLY has been sharing information for such Aviation Enthusiasts by way of multiple blogs since 2019. Taking one step further in this direction, OFLY now offers PRIAVIATE club. PRIAVIATE is an initiative to create a community of such enthusiasts. PRIAVIATE  is for :


  • People looking for recreational flying

  • Enthusiasts willing to learn to fly as a hobby or skill; or

  • Those who already have commenced/completed flying for Leisure including Private Pilot License, Pilot License – Microlight , Glider and the like.


PRIAVIATE will act as a platform to provide genuine information on flying options and best way of doing the same. You are invited to join PRIAVIATE by enrolling here.



For over 7+ years, we have witnessed multiple Aviation Enthusiasts who wish to learn flying as a recreational activity. Almost all of them shared common feedback that there is no proper guidance for recreational/hobby flying aspirants. Flight schools and/or ground schools are interested in enrolling these genuine flying seekers for the fee. However, there is no genuine intent to get them what they are looking for. The internet as well as most of the institutions provide incomplete or misinformation on this. PRIAVIATE is an initiative to bring this community together at a Platform that offers networking among like minded people, information on prospects and realistic scenario. Additionally, we plan periodic activities for members including flying on different kind of aircraft, expert talk & many more.

*Membership fee applicable to moderate the entry.

PRIAVIATE is a pending Trademark of JAG Aviation Consultants Pvt Ltd

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