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Our Story

A kid born in Eighties with teenage in Nineties & brought up in tier II & III cities; interest in Aviation or rather Flying was bit unusual or may be obvious in some sense. Motivation behind OFLY came from a usual childhood with Flying Dreams and low information age. Aviation meant becoming a Pilot during those days, to fly a luxury mode of transport when most of us were not able to afford a ticket for it. Lack of right information at right time didn’t allow the dreams to realize. Surprisingly, scenario was not much different when dreams re-ignited after a decade and a half. A Passionate, Patient & Perseverant journey gave inception to OFLY in order to help those seeking Authentic Aviation related Information & make multiple aspects of the Aviation an enjoyable experience.


OFLY is a mission to spread Awareness about dimensions of Aviation by disseminating authentic information for all age groups. It offers a platform that brings people together with Aviation as a tool to Experience & Realize multiple aspects of nature, science & human behaviour.


At OFLY - Discover Aviation like never before

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