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Private Pilot Classes

Learn to Fly is a beloved dream for many of us. Private flying is a privilege one earns in this life. We have the recipe to turn your dream into a reality. You have to bring below ingredients:

Desire - to live your dream.
Duration – once in your life, taking some time out to allocate for training.
Dedication – to make it happen.

Why Us?

  • We understand your aspiration to become a Private Pilot. In Indian context, it’s a path less taken. The inception of OFLY happened with the very thought of helping aspiring Private Pilots. Minimal steps with time & cost efficiency is our approach to make you reach the skies. You can refer to the blog for more here.

  • Starting with us give you a much-required advantage of joining the priAviate club.

  • Schedule your appointment for personalized consulting today!

Eligibility to commence training:

  • Medical fitness

  • No upper age limit.

  • Min 16 years of age with matriculation


  • Time – 3 months*

  • Fee – Rs. 13-15 lacs

*subject to regular cadet availability for training both ground & flight.

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