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Discovery Flight

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Flight to Discover Aviation in You

In today’s time, most of us have taken flight to travel from one place to another. How many times you have got a curiosity about what all preparations have been done to make a flight happen. Discovery flight is an opportunity to get answers to your questions and live the moment preparing for a flight. An activity that takes you behind the scenes simulating the same on small aircraft.

Who should take a Discovery Flight?

  • Aviation enthusiasts.

  • Students exploring career options.

  • Ladies & Gentleman who some stage of their life aspired to be a Pilot; or

  • Explorers looking out for something new.


  • Introduction – an overview of the session and programs available for Pilot training and its requirements

  • Flight Planning & Briefing

  • Aircraft Familiarization & walk around

  • A short flight with Instructor

  • Debriefing

  • Question & Answers


Discovery flight is an experience that has different significance for different set of people. Like:

  • Aviation Enthusiasts can enjoy each step and connect with them to their aspirations

  • Student exploring career options can see what to expect from training and career thereafter. Q&A session will address License program related questions.

  • Those who aspired to be a Pilot at some point of life, can feel the environment of flying and live their unfinished dream.

  • Flying an airplane and activities related to the same are always unique and will excite our explorer friends.

Airplane and things associated with the same are a cut above than any other mode of transport. We know two wheeler, cars, SUV’s, buses & trucks in road transport. However, when it comes to Air transportation, most of us only relate it to Scheduled Flights that is a mass transportation system in Air. There is much more to Aviation than mere airlines. This Discovery flight is a great option to get a glimpse of the same.

Jag Aviation is organizing Discovery Flights periodically at multiple locations. You may refer our Instagram handle – to keep you updated regarding next discovery flight session or write to us at

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1 Comment

rupa bhutapaty
rupa bhutapaty
Jun 06, 2023

Hey team ofly, I am looking for an opportunity for my 6 years old daughter, for cockpit and co-pilot workshop or training, As since childhood she is fascinated by planes and looks upto women pilots, maybe she will choose aviation as her profession, As she says I will fly a plane one day, And you will be my first passenger, Hopefully ofly will give her wings to fly high and a first step to her big dream.

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