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Image by Shandell Venegas

An unique opportunity for school students to ask their question about Aviation with an Industry Expert and to win 40+ prizes, including a chance to fly airline aircraft*.

The last date to submit entries is April 15th.

Terms & Conditions


  • Entry to the contest are restricted to school students currently studying in grade between 8th to 12th .

  • Entry is only allowed by way of a video not exceeding 60 seconds.

  • The student is supposed to record a video, mentioning his/her name, grade, school and city followed by one question.

  • Only one entry is allowed per student. In case of multiple entries or multiple question by single student none of the entry will be allowed.

  • Entries with missing details will be disqualified.

  • Entries received till April 15th, 10 pm IST will only be considered for the contest.

  • Shortlisting of entries will be done by JAG based on quality of the question and social media spread done by the student of the entry.

  • In case of any tie social media share will be considered along with random selection.

  • Students of Chosen entries will be contacted individually and a verification is done before declaring the results.

  • Answers to chosen questions will be given by an industry expert over OFLY’s Youtube channel on World’s Pilot day i.e. April 26th, 2023.

  • Prizes for first 10 winners will be in form of 100% scholarship coupons for Day Aviation Tour to world class facilities of Aviation. Each coupon is worth Rs. 10,000/-

  • Prizes for next 10 winners will be in form of 50% scholarship coupons for Day Aviation Tour. Each coupon worth Rs. 5000/-

  • Additional 20 consolation prizes to be won. A Scholarship coupon of Rs. 2000 will be given as consolation prize.

  • JAG Aviation Consultants Pvt Ltd reserves the right to the video clip shared with us. JAG can use, edit, modify and publish the video on their official Youtube cannel or social media handles.

  • There is NO ENTRY FEE to this competition.

  • Students must confirm their identity to receive the prizes upon winning. In case students are not able to confirm their identity, the prize will by default get shifted to next student in the waiting list.

  • Following the competition, winners will be interviewed by our PR team and we admit the rights to publish the interviews across various channels associated with us.

  • In case you do not see any communication post-registration, please check your email spam folders.

  • Participants are requested to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST to ensure they do not miss any update for the contest

  • This is a private contest, and we possess every right to disenroll an entry if our team finds it inappropriate.

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