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Best Books for DGCA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Examination study

Knowledge along with Exam preparation

Best books for DGCA CPL exams

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) conducts examination for Pilot requirements. These exams are at par with global standards. The difficulty level of these exams is considerably high and without proper study and guidance, one may not be able to clear these exams.

DGCA suggests a list of books as study material. The same is available here. However, it may not be practical for a person to gather all books and go through the same. Therefore, we are suggesting some of the books for CPL examination study that may help you to prepare.

Commercial Pilot License

Air Regulations: The subject is more about memorizing than understanding. Many of the facts need to be memorized. The suggested book is Air Regulations by Wg Cdr R K Bali. The book consolidates most of the topics from Air regulation syllabus and a good resource for preparation.

Aviation Meteorology : Weather, something that make impact on us each day. The concepts remain the same in all well-structured book. The commonly used books in Indian context are Oxford, Nordian, Ground Studies for Pilots and the like. Aviation Meteorology by I C Joshi is good for DGCA exam purposes. The book covers most of the topics of DGCA syllabus.

Air Navigation: Air Navigation is one of the toughest papers to clear among all DGCA papers. The reference books include Nordian, Ground Studies for Pilot and Oxford, Oxford modules of Navigation are usually preferred as primary book. Other reference books may be used along with the Oxford. Please note that Flight planning & performance is part of Air Navigation paper.

Technical General : Aircraft Technical general paper is another tough paper with great amount of exhaustive syllabus. Oxford is once again our suggestion for this subject. You may consider reading other reference books mentioned by DGCA.

Technical Specific: The exam centric to a chosen aircraft model with 50 questions. The preparation for this exam can be best done with Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) or Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) as applicable.

Concepts remain the same in all books. The manner in which the topics are covered and explained with the help of illustrations vary. Usually, European books have good illustrations with attention to detail. European books for Pilot studies usually have 14 volumes covering different aspects. Indian books are more specific to Indian systems like Air Traffic Control and the like.

Readers looking for relevant books for Private Pilot License (PPL) have to partially use the similar books. There are not many specified books for PPL examination. Although, you may get in touch with OFLY team to know more about the same.

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