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Private Pilot Classes

Flying is a lifetime skill & accomplishment

Many of our blogs have mentioned scenarios and information of Private Pilot program in India. Private Pilot is a lesser-known privilege in India. Although now it is gathering momentum with conducive ecosystem and multiple options of flying and owning a light aircraft.

Hobby Flying

Hobby Flying is not common activity in India. At least legally it is not. You can refer to our blog here for more on hobby flying. Private Pilot Program is the best way to pursue flying for hobby or recreation.

Private Pilot Program

Academic eligibility is just tenth and at least 16 years of age. There is no upper limit. You need a medical fitness as per regulations and some documentation to commence your flying journey. Three exams and around 40-50 hours of flying should fetch you Private Pilot License. Time and money will be as per time taken. One should budget cost of an entry level urban SUV. Please connect with us for best suited steps for you. One size does not fit all in this program, so we advise you to not commit to any program without understanding it.

Inception of OFLY

Flying is one such dream that doesn’t leave you. The urge is ever lasting. It is easier to live such dream then putting on hold. I did research, met multiple industry people, and visited multiple flight schools. Flight school offer you something which they themselves do not understand. Training to drive a truck/bus is different than driving for sheer pleasure. Moreover, not every flight school or instructor is apt to train a private pilot. It is the journey lived by me and inception of OFLY took place with an objective of helping Private Pilot aspirants.

Why OFLY for Private Pilot?

We understand that managing work, family, and time for learn to fly is not a walk in the park. Therefore, we optimize each aspect of training for the Private Pilot. Our own experience help devise solution for you. Moreover, it is not only the training, you also get access to network of like-minded people through priAviate.


Training can be completed in minimum six months. Although, actual time taken depends on the aspirant. Flexibility will be provided to the extent possible. In terms of fee, journey till Private Pilot may cost around Rs. 12 lacs. Please connect with us for more information.



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