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Cost of Private Pilot License Training in 2023

Comprehensive Costing for seeking the License

Private Pilot License (PPL) enables you to fly an aircraft as Pilot in Command (PIC). PPL is a great privilege that can be availed by anyone who is fit to fly and like soaring in vast sky alone or with friends and family. OFLY now offers seamless PPL program starting each month. You can register for the same here.

PPL is an affordable for those who understand and appreciate complexity and technical ingenuity involved in Aviation. Presently the total cost is almost the same of an urban SUV.

The components of cost for PPL include below headers:

  • Documentation

  • PPL Theory exam preparation and DGCA PPLG & PPLT exams

  • Flying training hours as per DGCA syllabus

  • English Language Proficiency Test

  • Logistics


A series of documentation is required to initiate flying training. The documentation include, multiple registrations, police verification, medical examination and more. The documentation process may take 3-4 weeks based on availability of required documents with an applicant. Estimated cost of Documentation may vary be between Rs. 25,000 – 35,000.

Ground Classes and Examination cost:

In order to seek private pilot license, one need to attempt three examinations i.e. Technical General, Composite and Technical specific. There are multiple subjects covered in these examinations. Details of the syllabus can be found under resources section of OFLY. Classes for the theory examination preparation may cost you anywhere between 90,000-1,50,000 or the charges may be applicable on hourly basis. Personalized classes are also available with OFLY.

Examination fee is presently Rs. 2500 per exam per attempt for regular exam session. On Demand session cost Rs. 5000 per exam.

Flight Training cost:

Flight training cost primarily includes per hour flying charges. In addition to per hour flying charges, few miscellaneous fee heads like admission fee, course material fee, check fee and the like are also applicable. Presently, the flying charges usually falls between Rs. 18,000 to 30,000 per hour based on flight school and aircraft chosen. Exclusive aircraft with higher per hourly rate guarantees faster flying and better aircraft availability. You can consider anywhere between 40-50 hours of flight training for Private License.

English Language Proficiency Test

For applying for license, one has to undergo an English test and few classes before the test. DGCA has approved few centers for the same. Around one week and Rs. 35,000 – 45,000 are applicable for the step.


Most of the major cities in India do not have flight schools. Therefore, it is likely that you have to budget time and money to travel to the base of flight school you choose and station yourself there for some time. Cost of the travel and stay varies.

An estimated cost of Rs. 11-13 lacs is applicable for seeking a Private Pilot License. Some of the flight schools quote lesser cost. However, there are either hidden costs or slow progress in them.

OFLY offers seamless program for PPL aspirants with stage wise payments. Batch starts each month with an option of personalized classes as well. Also, OFLY offers membership to priAviate Club for its PPL students. The same is an entry in to a privileged network and flying options. You can refer to our other blogs on PPL.

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