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Aircraft Joyride

Fun experience in Air

Many of us desire to have a short flight in aircraft. The aircraft may be a helicopter or an airplane. The aerial joyride is usually a short fun flight in which you get to experience those aircraft that are normally not used for commercial airlines. The aircraft joyride gives an opportunity to see those aspects of flying that we are not able to see in airline aircraft. Around the world many large cities or famous tourist attractions are shown from these flights. Although, in India, it is not a very commonly available service.

Aircraft for Joyride

Commonly used aircraft for joyrides in India are


· Robinson models R44/ R66

· Bell models 407/206


· Cessna 172

· Microlight

· Motor gliders / gliders

Helicopter due to its capability of hovering or slow speeds is good to enjoy views whereas aeroplanes give a great feel of manoeuvres and most of the time Runway views especially while landing or taking off.

Joyride availability

Helicopter joyrides are available at metro cities including Ahmedabad & Bangalore with prior booking. At times, joyride camps are also organized to offer helicopter joyrides. As per official information, aeroplane joyrides are available in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Aligarh. Aeroplanes joyride camps are also organized at times at other cities then mentioned.

Do & Don’t ‘s

· You should check for legitimacy of aircraft. Aircraft should be approved for joyrides and shall have insurance for such kind of activities.

· People with medical conditions, expectant mothers and the like should inform the organizer or Pilot regarding the same before flight.

· Photography with phone is usually allowed unless flying in restricted zones.

How to book:

You may connect with us for aircraft joyrides at Ahmedabad, Chennai & Aligarh. You can reach us on

Instagram handle i.e. VayuOneIndia

Whatsapp: 9513974568


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