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Cost of seeking Private Pilot License (PPL) in India

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Overview of Cost involved in various aspects

Among the Pilot License options available in India, most common license is Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This license is required to fly aircraft as a profession. Therefore, all airline Pilots, chartered aircraft Pilots and Flight Instructors hold CPL as a minimum requirement.

The other licence is Private Pilot License (PPL). PPL allows you to fly aircraft alone, with family & friends.. PPL does not allow to earn money from flying aircraft using PPL. PPL is a beautiful privilege that can be availed by people who wanted to become a Pilot or people who wish to have a taste of flying, in their life.

Earlier days, PPL was restricted to a certain group or class of people, given the expenses. However, with increasing affordability, PPL is very much in reach of anyone who aspires to learn to fly an aircraft. However, in India still there is still lack of awareness about PPL and associated privileges with the same. It is still perceived, that learning to fly an aircraft is either to become Airline Pilot or Airforce Pilot. Since there were not enough candidates for PPL, the same resulted in shortage of supply of services.

Typical costs associated in pursuing Private Pilot License is as below:

1. Documentation cost;

2. Ground classes and examination cost;

3. Flight training cost; and

4. Logistics

1. Documentation: this aspect can either be outsourced to someone like the school you are enrolling for flying or to ground school you opted for, Alternatively, you can do it yourself. To start taking examination as well as for flying certain documentation is required. Which are as follows:

a. Examination: Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory body for civil aviation. DGCA conducts examinations for all kind of licenses usually 4 times a year. However, to enrol in these examinations, you first need a unique reference number called computer number. You have to apply for computer number with certain basic documentation. Including identify proof, address proof, class tenth marks card and its verification. Once you have the computer number, you can apply for these examinations.

b. For flying, you need to have certain documentation including class II medical assessment, Police Verification and class tenth marks card verification from relevant board.

Usually cost for this documentation assistance may vary from place to place. However, the same is not a significant cost.

2. Ground Classes and Examination cost: For private pilot license, you need to give three examinations i.e. Technical General, Composite and Technical specific. There are multiple subjects covered in these examinations. Details of the syllabus can be found under resources section of OFLY. Typically, a ground school or an independent instructor may charge anywhere between 80,000-1,50,000 or the charges may be applicable on hourly basis. Examination fee is presently Rs. 2500 per exam per attempt. There is no limit on attempts.

3. Flight Training cost: Flight training cost primarily includes per hour flying charges. In addition to flying charges, flight training schools charge some miscellaneous fees as well like admission fee, course material fee and the like. The flying charges usually falls around Rs. 11000 to 18500 per hour based on flight school. You can consider around 50 hours of flight training for PPL.

4. Logistics: Most of the major cities in India do not have flight schools. Therefore, it is likely that you have to budget time and money to travel to the base of flight school you choose and station yourself there for some time. Cost of the travel and stay varies.

As mentioned above the cost of seeking a PPL in India may fall anywhere between Rs. 6.5 lacs to 9 Lacs. The cost of logistics is not included in the same.

OFLY objective is to disseminate fair and genuine information regarding Aviation. We do not represent any specific flight school. Author of this blog is an Indian Private Pilot and keen observer of Indian aviation market. He flies with multiple flying training schools of India. For consultation on Learn to Fly as hobby or profession. Book your appointment here or write to us


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