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DGCA Exams | Preparation | Eligibility | Difficulty Level

Easiest & difficult part to become a Pilot.

DGCA exams online

Is it fun to get Pilot training? absolutely yes if you don’t have to clear theory exams conducted by DGCA India. Why so? Because books do not carry fun that sitting in cockpit have.

To seek a Pilot License, be it a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Private Pilot License (PPL), two primary requirements are theory exams to be cleared and flight training to be completed as per the regulations.

DGCA exams - eligibility

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) – 12th pass with physics & maths and at least 17 years of age. One has to apply for computer number at DGCA Pariksha portal. Once you have computer number, you can fill examination form whenever exam session is happening. A fee of Rs. 2500 is applicable per exam. 5 exams to be given including.

  • Air Regulations.

  • Aviation Meteorology.

  • Air Navigation.

  • Technical General; and

  • Technical Specific.

Passing percentage is 70% and there are no grace marks for falling short in any exam. Exam is conducted in designated centres. It is a computer-based exam with multiple choice questions with no negative marking. Each question has three options.

Private Pilot License (PPL) – 10th pass and at least 16 years of age. Similar to CPL process, one has to apply for computer number at DGCA Pariksha portal. Once you have the number, you can apply for examination. Examination fee remains the same i.e., Rs. 2500 per exam per attempt 3 exams to be given including:

  • Composite (includes multiple subjects)

  • Technical General

  • Technical Specific

PPL also has 70% passing requirement. Exam is conducted at the designated examination centres. There are computer-based exams with multiple choice questions. No negative marking.

For syllabus for these exams please refer resource page.

Recommended time to give DGCA exams.

You can give exams and undergo flight training at the same time frame. However, it is recommended to clear your papers first to reduce training time.

Difficulty Level of DGCA exams

There is no substitute of excellence. Concept building followed by problem solving always remain the best strategy to clear any exam. DGCA exams are getting more difficult with time. Incomplete questions and spelling mistakes can be observed. Therefore, you need to pay attention.

Happy Landings!



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