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How to get Private Pilot License (PPL) in India | Step by step guide | Eligibility, Time, Fees

Adding a Dimension to Life

PPL Step by step process

For every level of lifestyle there are hobbies and lifestyle skills. Flying an airplane used to be a premium hobby for royals of India post-independence. Multiple landlords, leading business persons, Maharajas and Nizams used to fly their own machines. Flying club was a popular culture for Indians. Be it Delhi Flying club, Madras flying club, Bombay flying club, Coimbatore flying club, Nagpur flying clubs and more. The new era of flying as a hobby has restarted in Bharat. We are listing must have information on : Learn to Fly as a Skill/Hobby.


Minimum 16 years of age and 10th class is required to initiate flight training for Private Pilot License (PPL). There is no upper age for the same subject to medical fitness as per requirement. There is no requirement of Science in 11th and 12th to learn flying. Therefore, anyone with intention to learn flying and meeting the above-mentioned eligibility criteria can start flight training.


Duration to learn flying totally depends on aspirant to aspirant. Minimum 6 months may be needed to complete all requirements.

How to initiate PPL training?

Most of the flight schools list Private Pilot License (PPL) as one of the pilot training programs offered by them. However, you may not be able to get required training and attitude to get trained as a hobby flier with PPL. OFLY offers best PPL program as we have trained many aspirants who now hold PPL and fly as a hobby.

Best way to start PPL is by contacting OFLY and enrolling in the OFLY’s PPL program. In addition to PPL training, we provide you access to group of like-minded people with priAviate club.


Flight schools in India may quote you anywhere between 8 to 12 lacs as PPL fee. However, there are costs involved outside this fee. Also, majority of aspirants joining program at these flight schools are never able to successfully finish the program for multiple odd reasons.

OFLY offered PPL program costs between Rs. 11 – 13 Lacs including paperwork, Exam preparation and Flight Training hours. In addition to the same, we also offer Executive PPL Program that allows you seamless flying with personalization and dedication point of contact (PoC) for organizing flying and associated tasks. Please connect with us for the same.

What after PPL?

Once you get your PPL, you can fly with any of the flying training school or a private aircraft. Private aircraft are available in India. priAviate members have option of co-ownership and buying hours on existing aircraft.

Are small aircraft safe?

A well-maintained aircraft carries an excellent reliability. Safety record of these small airplanes are exceptionally good. Most of the incidence in such aircraft are related to Pilot errors. Also, when you study for Exams, you get to know more about aircraft and engines that gives you confidence about these machines.

Why should you learn flying?

Activities like sky diving, fast bikes, parasailing etc. gives you a momentary adrenaline rush. Whereas Flying an Airplane all by yourself is a greatest of skills that gives you a blend of accomplishment, satisfaction, and meditation.

Anyhow, sky is more available than ground.

First Step

Contact us at +91 95139 74568 or and we will suggest you best step as per your requirement in this direction.

Happy Landings!


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