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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Private Pilot License (PPL)

Answer to commonly asked questions by PPL aspirants

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FAQ Private Pilot License

‘Flying is an Art & Class Apart.’ Yes the statement is true and the quantum of liberation associated with it cannot be expressed in words. Although, when you approach a flight school for PPL, they will give you all kind of answers. PPL is a service mentioned in flight school menu card but they don’t know what it is. We understand the privilege and what it takes to get it and use it thereafter.

Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Question: How much cost to get a Private Pilot License (PPL)?

Answer: In the present time, PPL course will cost you anywhere between 11 – 14 lacs based on flight school and mentor you choose.

Question: Time required to complete Private Pilot License (PPL)?

Answer: Around 6-8 months including paperwork, theory exams, English test and Flight Training. Although, physical presence is only required for flight training which takes around 30-45 days of flying.

Question: Fee structure for Private Pilot License?

Answer: We offer fee in parts for all three modules : Documentation, Theory classes (Ground classes) and Flight Training.

Question: What is the minimum and maximum age for PPL?

Answer: Minimum 16 years and 10th pass and there is no upper age limit subject to medical fitness.

Question: What medical fitness is expected for Private Pilot License?

Answer: Director General of Civil Aviation requires a PPL candidate or PPL holder to be fit as per class II standards. For more, please consult any DGCA approved Medical examiner.

Question: Can I continue to Commercial Pilot License (CPL) after taking Private Pilot License (PPL)?

Answer: Yes. You can continue to CPL after taking PPL. You don’t waste any flying hour. Rather, this is more efficient way of obtaining CPL. There are numerous advantages of doing PPL before CPL. In US, the first milestone for flight training is Private Pilot License.

Question: Can I get flying training closer to my city?

Answer: Majority, flight schools are based in non-busy airports or airfields not used by Airlines. Therefore, it is most of the time not possible to get flight training closer to your home location. Not all flying training schools can give training to PPL aspirants due to multiple factors like operational, mindset, lack of flexibility and the like.

Question: After seeking PPL, where can I fly?

Answers: Once you get your PPL, you can fly with any of the flying training school or a private aircraft. Private aircraft are available in India. priAviate members have option of co-ownership and buying hours on existing aircraft.

Question: Flight schools offer PPL as a standard course. What is disadvantage of approaching the school directly?

Answer: The misinformation shared by them for the program is not always intentional. They most of the times does not understand the class of aspirants. The disadvantage of the misinformation leads to wastage of efforts, time and money. OFLY customers never faced any challenge or delay in any phase.

Question: Why should I initiate PPL course?

Answer: To enjoy new level of liberation. Flying is a skill for those who wish to explore next level life experiences. India has over 500 airfields and beautiful landscape best seen from above as a Private Pilot. Even Airline Pilots do not have this luxury.

How OFLY help in seeking Private Pilot License (PPL)?

Question: Why OFLY for Private Pilot License training?

Answer: Personalized Flight training is our USP. We help you save your efforts, time and money. Seamless PPL program offered by us includes paperwork, online classes, mock tests for PPL, efficient flight training and network of like-minded hobby fliers with priAviate.

Question: What is the first step to initiate PPL program with OFLY?

Answer: Schedule an appointment for consultation through our website or enrol for next Private Pilot batch. We have a PPL batch starting each month.

Question: Why we need paid consultation with OFLY for PPL program?

Answer: Our own and feedback given by our customers, says that Indian Flight Schools are not able to share fair information on PPL. This results in loss of time and money and eventual disinterest by the aspirant. Our paid consultation is to understand your requirements and commitments and to offer you a personalized approach to the program. The same saves you time, efforts and money.

We have published all generic information on our website through blogs.


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