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How to Become a Pilot in India | Step by step guide | Eligibility, Courses, Fees, Jobs, Salary

Runway to the sky

How to become a Pilot

Pilot profession is a fascinating and good paying profession. Also, it does not require you to undergo tough competitive exams to become one. Careful and right steps make you reach a workplace that is thousands of feet above the ground level.


For becoming a commercial Pilot or Airline Pilot, you need 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. If you have not chosen PCM in 11th and 12th, then you may consider giving exams for missing subjects from National Open school.

To start a training for commercial Pilot training, you need to be at least 17 years old. Basic medical fitness is required as per applicable standard.


It may take anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 years to complete training for Commercial Pilot Training and reach to Airline ready stage.


Best way to initiate CPL training is to reach out to a training consultant or ground school like OFLY to guide you through the process. You may reach out to Flight school directly as well. However, most of the flight school do not offer a great ground school due to their deep engagement in flight training part. Ground school followed by flight school is the best way to take for flight training.

How to choose a flight school? Please refer to our blog in this regard. Please note that changing a flight school after joining will not be easy and often end up in loss of fee and time. Therefore, careful selection of flight school is imperative. Better to take a professional advise rather than relying on internet marketing.

There are more effective and efficient way to pursue CPL. Please connect with us on to know more.


The total fee till seeking Commercial Pilot License may range between Rs. 38 lacs to Rs. 47 Lacs. The fee does not include stay and logistics. Cheaper flight school does not always mean better flight training and on the other hand expensive flight school does not always mean money making. To keep a good flight training standards and maintain aircraft properly, cost incurs. There are ways to split your payments for flight school. Please consult OFLY to understand flight school scenarios and specific flight school report.

Once you have the commercial pilot license in hand, you have to undergo type training as well. What is type training? Please refer our blog on the same. Type training may cost you anywhere between 15-20 lacs based on country, aircraft, and type training institute.

CPL + type training collectively cost between Rs. 63 – 75 lacs based on choices you make.

Pilot Jobs in an Airline

Airlines are increasing their fleet size and accordingly their number of Pilots. As per the present estimates, each year more than 1000 new pilots are required for another 10 years considering the market growth. Pilot profession is a lucrative and enjoying.

Pilot Salary

Airline pilot entry level salaries may vary between 1.5 - 2.5 lacs per month based on airline to airline and type of contract you choose. Fresh CPL holders who wish to become an instructor at flight school may expect an entry level salary around Rs. 1 - 1.5 lacs. Some of the CPL holders choose to opt for private or chartered aircraft for flying. These profiles may offer salaries in a wide range based on aircraft and operator/owner.

Is Airline Pilot Career a good choice?

Yes, it is if you love flying and looking for something that is different from desk job. Money and lifestyle are the motivation. However, consider your long tern goals as well.

We are available for paid consultation and immersive experiences in Aviation. Please follow us on our social handles A series of podcast are also available on our YouTube channel to assist you.

All the Best & Happy Landings!


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