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Women in Aviation

Increasing female participation to soar in sky.

Females in Aviation

India is a true leader when it comes to Aviation and specially, women in aviation. We are proud to restate the fact, that India has most number of females in Aviation around the world. The participation is growing each day and Aviation is becoming desirable choice of present-day girls. What else can be a better place for beauty with brains. The present blog covers multiple aspects where female participation is evident in Aviation.



We have highest number of female Pilots in the world. Western world cannot catch up with India anytime soon, as more and more girls are showing their keenness in ruling the sky. India has had female pilots for a long time. However, in the last decade, the number of female pilots has grown significantly. We are a nation that takes pride in operating all female crew flights each day.


Why becoming a Pilot is choice of present-day girls ?


  1. Great workplace : Pilot workplace is not confined to a cubicle or a cabin. It spans vast in the sky with latest innovation under her command. The sense of freedom one feels being a Pilot has no match.

  2. Safety : Safety comes as a part of the profession. Airline Pilot gets pick and drop from home and each movement on the job is logged. Therefore, safety factor is ensured as compared to any other job profile.

  3. Growing demand : with increase in number of aircraft and flights. There is a high demand for Pilots and the same will increase further in coming years.


Cabin Crew 


Cabin crew is a dream job for many girls for ages. The charm of flying blended with hospitality is a great mix. Airlines are hiring good number of cabin crew members. Barring few airlines, most of them hire all girl cabin crew for their operations. Lifestyle is a key attraction for becoming one.


Air Traffic Controller

While we very well identify and appreciate women Pilots and cabin crew, there are many profiles in Aviation where women participation is not visible as a common airline passenger. Air traffic controller (ATC) is one such profile. India has a significant percentage of air traffic controllers. They guide aircraft on ground as well as sky. In our ATC workshops, students got a chance to meet young as well as seasoned lady controllers. Their voice on radio assures Pilots in navigating to their destinations each day.


Aviation Engineers

Maintenance of an aircraft is equally important then flying it. Despite of a field and energy intensive profile of Aircraft engineer, we have a significant percentage of women tech team. More and more are joining the team to ensure smooth operation of aircraft.


Ground Crew

Serving people is not limited so only few aspects in Aviation. Handling guests on ground is even more tedious job than in Air. Our women team is handling this job beautifully. Be it regular check in, boarding or even helping on delayed departure or lost baggage, Girls on ground are showcasing their commitment to serve guests to the highest level.


Sales & Operations

For any business marketing, sales and operations are essential components and when it comes to airline or aircraft related business, the profile becomes more crucial due to the cost of asset and operation. We know few females in this domain and surely no male can handle it better than they do. Customer understanding and handling is their art, and they are best in managing operations. We certainly aspire to witness more and more girls in this under-explored domain.


Dwelling on the achievement of women in the sector, Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation said :


“The success of women in aviation is not confined to airports or airplanes but to a much larger ecosystem. 15% of our pilots in India are women which is 3 times more than the global average. But this 15% is not good enough as women have surpassed various odds and stereotypes and I firmly believe there must come a day in India that this 15% must reach 50% of our pilot strength in our country. For this to achieve, we must start from having easy access to STEM education to our young girls in their early education”.


We fully endorse with the sentiments expressed by honorable Union Minister of Civil Aviation, as he commends the remarkable accomplishments of women in the sector. Furthermore, we concur with his assertion regarding the importance of equipping girls with abundant resources and opportunities for STEM education.


The aforementioned are few aviation roles that women are participating. There are numerous other roles that women are involved in, and our upcoming programs and blogs will delve into a wide range of additional roles in the field.


OFLY, also conducts multiple programs specific for girls to Discover Aviation like never before. Follow on social channels to stay updated. We are available on +91 95139 74568 or


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