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Best Educational Tour to Aviation Facilities

Student cockpit experience
Educational Tour to Aviation Facility

Practical observation is as important as learning the theoretical, an experience, a moment which lets you immerse in possibilities, all the ways your life can go, a moment where you become the Schrodinger’s cat, a moment where you have to decide ‘if this is the right one for me or not?’ Only a live potential experience can give you an insight for your future, and I’m grateful to OFLY for giving me an opportunity, where I saw my future evolve as I wanted it to.

The 3 days summer program was effectively and excellently planned to know most about aviation. Day 1 – FSTC - Flight Simulation Technique Centre, where my fellow aviation-inspired companions and I got our first experience in the flight simulator, exciting, I can correlate the simulator to a time machine, it took me to the day where I can operate a real aircraft like a real pilot.

Day 2- ATC Block- Air Traffic Control Block, this is where I learnt most of the theory part directly from the ATC controllers. We got the opportunity to visit the tower top, the view was obviously spectacular, what’s most spectacular is how all the controllers work with coordination and the efforts are organized, stressful and unappreciated, they are the electricity for the whole machine to work in a pleasant order. Watching the take-off and landing of the planes from the top was a bliss, I enjoyed. Equal appreciation to all the controllers for all the safe flights.

Day 3- GMR Aero Technic- this is where I learnt the underlying maintenance work. We visited 3 hangars and one inflated hangar, the place was huge like my excitement and the thirst to know the workings of an airplane, physics can explain but this practical experience was the depth of it. Every passenger airplane is white on the exterior but learning it from the core and inside is what we really need, like the human body, underlying and involuntary processed just gets ignored as a daily usual process. Our guide and our sir explained most of the things as we went by, and we got an explanation from an engineer working there too. We got an opportunity to visit an actual aircraft’s cockpit, it was amazing. In the end, the class was both practical and theoretical.

We decide our future career based on our imagination on how our ideal career will be until and unless we have experts to actually give us a reality check. Having an interest gives you a motivation to achieve it, with an experience you have a vision to choose it critically and if it’s yes, then the motivation to achieve it will be high. Now I know what I can expect if I choose this field, OFLY is doing a great job in providing students a practical experience in aviation. It’s not only 3 days of fun but I learnt many things which I never knew before. I can tell it was an ‘Interesting trip’.

“Observation more than books and experience more than persons, are the prime educators.” - Amos Bronson Alcott


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