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Choosing a Flying Training School

Not a million dollar question, few million rupees question

Wanna learn to fly or you wanna become an Airline Pilot?

Contact a flight school & you may find any of the below:

  • Your dream will be realized in no time, just deposit the fee and we will take you to the clouds.

  • We have a fleet of aircraft, incident free records or best of the best instructors.

  • No response of emails or calls.

  • New aircraft on order, they will also start flying soon.

  • Concerned person is not available, call tomorrow.

  • We are presently very busy, check next month.

Please share in comments if you have experienced other then the above.

When an aspiring Pilot connects to a flight school, he is full of dreams of flying an aircraft and imagine a view from aircraft in which world looks at its best. Parents while searching for a flight school for their ward are quite cautious as along with heavy investment, it’s a matter of their kid's safety and career both The question comes is

  • Whom to consult in friends and family for this?

  • How to choose a flying training school?

  • How to trust a flight school

Before coming to the best way to choose, I would like to share some basic information on Pilot License.

Pilot License

What is required to apply for Pilot License at DGCA?

  • Theory exams to be passed,

  • Radio telephony exam,

  • English language test from any of DGCA approved organizations

  • Flying training hours from any of DGCA approved flying training schools along with relevant documentation.

One can study for theory exams by themselves or through any of coaching institutes also known as ground schools.

Whom to Consult?