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Summer internships & workshops for high school students in Aviation

Knowledge is the key to unlock success

High School Students Aviation Internship

Gaining knowledge about any field requires some research & reading, interaction with someone in that field and if possible visiting facilities related to the domain. For school students OFLY offers exclusive opportunities to learn, explore and interact with Aviation Industry personnel through its innovative Aviation internships and workshops. The Aviation programs are curated specifically for school students. Elementary level knowledge, live examples, research topics and industrial visits are combined to make an Experiential Learning program in Aviation.


Summer workshop

Presently, hybrid and physical internships are available at select cities like Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Indore and Bhopal. More cities will be added in coming time. These internship focuses firstly on sharing knowledge about multiple aspects of Aviation like Aircraft, flight training, Maintenance, airport operations and more. Secondly, research projects are given to students.


Eligibility : students of grades 8th to 12th are welcome to join these internships.

Fee: please connect with us on or +91 95139 74568

Batches : We have batches in April, May, June and July. Please check our website or connect to know more.


What students will learn?

Structured knowledge about Aviation is disseminated that help them in understanding academic concepts and also chalk out their career plan. Exposure is given on Aircraft parts and its functioning, airports, maintenance, operations, flight training and career opportunities.


Duration : Aviation summer workshops duration varies between 3 days to 1 week.


Summer Internship

Offline & online internships are offered by OFLY for school students. These internships give student an opportunity to understand and work on aspects of Aviation. Offline internships include office-based work. Aviation facilities are security restricted places with special permissions to access the same. Therefore, airport internships are not offered as of now by OFLY.

Eligibility : 10th and 11th grade students

Fee: please connect with us on or +91 9513974568

Batches: Student has to call or email us to know internship opportunities.


Difference between Workshops & Internships

Student is expected to deliver tangible work during internship whereas the same is not a mandate in workshop.

Aviation in India is presently growing at 15-18% and new career opportunities are coming up. The best way to tap on the growth is by increasing Industry know how. We wish dear students best of results and enjoyable summertime.



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