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Flying Clubs of India

Flown away in time

Flying clubs of India
credit: the better India

By definition, Club is a group of people who meet regularly to share an interest, do sport, etc.; the place where they meet.

However, when it comes to Flying Clubs, we have lost them in time and carried their names only as goodwill.


In India, Aviation is growing in limited segments like mass public transport or airlines and luxury travel commonly known as charter flights or private jet. Airlines growth is phenomenal due bursting middle class with deeper pockets and affordable ticket prices.


Flying clubs in India were present in almost all regions. Some of these clubs are: 


  • Delhi Flying Club,

  • Madras Flying Club,

  • Behala Flying Club, Calcutta

  • Bombay Flying Club,

  • Jodhpur Flying Club

  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club,

  • Bihar Flying Club,

  • Coimbatore Flying Club

  • Kerala Flying Club

  • Assam Flying Club

  • Salem Flying Club

  • Gujrat Flying Club

  • Nagpur Flying Club

  • Patiala Aviation Club

  • Pinjore Flying Club

  • Andhra Pradesh Flying Club


(*there may be more clubs earlier, please help us identify the same by writing to us on


Some of them do not exist now and few are struggling for existence. Presently operating clubs are primarily engaged in Flight Training for Commercial Pilot License. There are hardly any club like activities in these operating flying clubs.


Time fades everything, even the charming socializing these clubs used to carry. These clubs are part of our history. Since their inception, they have witnessed presence of many renowned personalities. The activities carried out at these clubs included: Aero sports, Hobby flying, Flight training, Joyrides and the like.


Stricter regulations in the name of safety and high cost of operations have suffocated these clubs. Present staff of the clubs do not understand the motive behind the names and management is doing everything to make it viable by selling what keeps them alive.


The growing financial capacity of the Indian middle-class and search for new avenues for fun may re-ignite these clubs to re-live what has been lost in time.


Happy Landings!


We will be writing separate blogs for most of the above listed Flying Clubs. Support in terms of information on these clubs is requested from readers like you. Please write to us at 


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