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Aircraft in Indian Cinema

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Awareness about automobile Vs Aircraft

You might have witnessed aircraft in Indian Cinema since long time. Why I am referring to Hindi movies is since I have not watched movies of other Indian languages. Foreign travel has been shown in movies for long, may be from 80’s overseas travel has been showcased and some or the other aircraft of Air India or foreign carrier is shown. Usually aircraft shown in those days were Boing 707, 747 or Airbus 300/310 or MD aircraft. Although, it might took time for people at large to understand that Visa is not a separate booklet and stamped on your passport till traveling abroad became common after IT boom.

As the economy has grown with time, so do the showcase of premium or luxury travel in movies. Indians got exposed to automobiles very early or I can say exposed to premium automobiles brands and their respective models. With internet giving an information sharing platform, most of us being so updated that you show them one side of vehicle and they can tell you pretty much everything about it. However, when it comes to Aviation, more specifically civilian side of aviation, knowledge level is no where close to what we have for automobiles. One of the leading Hindi movies, shows inside aircraft scene of Air India Business class of 787, whereas from outside surprisingly it is shown as Air India Airbus 321 that has once again bogey type landing gear not available on Airbus 321.

In another movie related to hijack, aircraft is called Boeing, although showing Airbus. In the same movie aircraft bringing the terrorist is actually Embraer Legacy. I suppose director forgot that the era you are showing were not having EMB legacy.

There are numerous instances, where what they are trying to showcase is not practically making sense or there is no attention paid to the details. The reason for the same is very low awareness level involving aviation.

Aircraft Vs Automobile

Like Automobile where we have a different machine for each role, like wise, we have aircraft for the need. Surely, Airline aircraft are one of the major section of the civilian aircraft fleet and they carry volume of people from one place to another in the similar way a Bus transports people from one way to another. The very reason, the European consortium who is major airline aircraft producer gave their company a name of AIRBUS.

It is quite understandable that India used to come under poor countries where even TOP VIPs used to fly on borrowed aircraft from Airline for overseas travel. However, in the present age, where state level politicians fly Mid size jets, awareness level needs to be increased.

The only motivation to write this blog is to motivate people to gather bit more about aviation when it is part of life for many. The same will also inspire showbiz producers to pay attention.

OFLY objective is to disseminate fair and genuine information regarding Aviation. We do not represent any specific flight school. Author of this blog is an Indian Private Pilot and keen observer of Indian aviation market. He flies with multiple flying training schools of India. For consultation on Learn to Fly as hobby or profession. Book your appointment here or write to us


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