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Cadet Pilot Program

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Preferred route to become an Airline Pilot

A term we hear now very often. Although, cadet pilot program is not new. The concept is old with Air India sponsoring few selected students at IGRUA (Indira Gandhi Rastriya Udaan Academy). Although, that time, Air India used to assure job and sponsor flying. Now, in present low fare regime, the meaning of Cadet Pilot Program has changed by movement of financial burden to student. Present Airlines, shortlist eligible candidates based on few aptitude tests and medicals and put them on a journey starting from ab-initio Flight training to make them ready to join as entry level cockpit crew i.e. Junior First Officer. The typical cost range for such cadet Pilot program is around INR 90 lacs 1 Cr. The program cost is around 50% more if the same requirements are done without the program. The premium pricing is to ensure job probability.

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