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Flight Training in Hyderabad - present scenario

Updated: Feb 6

Ground Reality on Flight Training at Hyderabad

From the perspective of aviation and specifically Flight Training, Hyderabad is of importance. Hyderabad is base to four Flight schools. Only city in India with four Flight schools. These Flight schools are:

  1. Telangana State Aviation Academy, Begumpet Airport

  2. Wings Aviation, Begumpet Airport

  3. Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy, Begumpet Airport

  4. Flytech Aviation Academy, Nadirgul Airfield.

Before discussing about the above-mentioned flight schools, a quick check on aerodromes in Hyderabad. There are five aerodromes in and around Hyderabad. The five aerodromes are:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad

  2. Begumpet Airport

  3. Nadirgul Aerodrome

  4. Hakimpet Aerodrome

  5. Dundigal Aerodrome

Dundigal & Hakimpet Aerodromes are Air Force airfields and are exclusively used by them. Hakimpet Aerodrome is located around north east Hyderabad whereas Dundigal aerodrome is north of Hyderabad, Dundigal aerodrome is an Indian Airforce Training Academy. For civilian use, we have the top three i.e. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Begumpet Airport & Nadirgul Aerodrome. RGIA is situated south of Hyderabad city. RGIA is a greenfield airport which got commissioned in 2008. Since then the scheduled aircraft movement has increased many folds at RGIA. RGIA do not house any flight school due to heavy airlines traffic. Therefore, the four flight schools have base on the two aerodromes i.e. Begumpet Airport & Nadirgul Airfield. Begumpet Airport used to be primary civil airport of Hyderabad before commissioning of RGIA. Begumpet Airport is situated in heart of city and three flight schools operate from this airport. Nadirgul aerodrome is situated at south east of main city of Hyderabad.


also known as TSAA, is a government run flight training academy located at Begumpet Airport. TSAA is an old flight school and earlier known as Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy before formation of Telangana. TSAA also has an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute. TSAA has a fleet of five aircrafts. 3 Cessna 152 bearing registrations VT-AKN, VT-EJQ, VT-YOU

1 Cessna 172 bearing registration VT-CAM

1 Diamond twin engine DA42: VT-TSI

Cessna 172 and DA42 are glass cockpit aircrafts. In addition to the same, TSAA has recently procured two Cessna 172 with Diesel Engines. COST: with respect to cost of flight training at TSAA, hourly charges of flight training are on lower side and this makes them one of the cost-effective flight school in India.

WINGS AVIATION (also known as Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy)

Wings aviation is also located at Begumpet Airport. As per DGCA, Wings aviation has a fleet of five aircrafts. 2 Cessna 152 bearing registrations VT-RGH, VT-YPR