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Flight Training in Hyderabad - present scenario

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Ground Reality on Flight Training at Hyderabad

From the perspective of aviation and specifically Flight Training, Hyderabad is of importance. Hyderabad is base to four Flight schools. Only city in India with four Flight schools. These Flight schools are:

  1. Telangana State Aviation Academy, Begumpet Airport

  2. Wings Aviation, Begumpet Airport

  3. Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy, Begumpet Airport

  4. Flytech Aviation Academy, Nadirgul Airfield.

Before discussing about the above-mentioned flight schools, a quick check on aerodromes in Hyderabad. There are five aerodromes in and around Hyderabad. The five aerodromes are:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad

  2. Begumpet Airport

  3. Nadirgul Aerodrome

  4. Hakimpet Aerodrome

  5. Dundigal Aerodrome

Dundigal & Hakimpet Aerodromes are Air Force airfields and are exclusively used by them. Hakimpet Aerodrome is located around north east Hyderabad whereas Dundigal aerodrome is north of Hyderabad, Dundigal aerodrome is an Indian Airforce Training Academy. For civilian use, we have the top three i.e. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Begumpet Airport & Nadirgul Aerodrome. RGIA is situated south of Hyderabad city. RGIA is a greenfield airport which got commissioned in 2008. Since then the scheduled aircraft movement has increased many folds at RGIA. RGIA do not house any flight school due to heavy airlines traffic. Therefore, the four flight schools have base on the two aerodromes i.e. Begumpet Airport & Nadirgul Airfield. Begumpet Airport used to be primary civil airport of Hyderabad before commissioning of RGIA. Begumpet Airport is situated in heart of city and three flight schools operate from this airport. Nadirgul aerodrome is situated at south east of main city of Hyderabad.


also known as TSAA, is a government run flight training academy located at Begumpet Airport. TSAA is an old flight school and earlier known as Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy before formation of Telangana. TSAA also has an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute. TSAA has a fleet of five aircrafts. 3 Cessna 152 bearing registrations VT-AKN, VT-EJQ, VT-YOU

1 Cessna 172 bearing registration VT-CAM

1 Diamond twin engine DA42: VT-TSI

Cessna 172 and DA42 are glass cockpit aircrafts. In addition to the same, TSAA has recently procured two Cessna 172 with Diesel Engines. COST: with respect to cost of flight training at TSAA, hourly charges of flight training are on lower side and this makes them one of the cost-effective flight school in India.

WINGS AVIATION (also known as Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy)

Wings aviation is also located at Begumpet Airport. As per DGCA, Wings aviation has a fleet of five aircrafts. 2 Cessna 152 bearing registrations VT-RGH, VT-YPR

1 Cessna 172 bearing registration VT-RGE

1 Technam P2006T (twin engine) registration VT-RGJ

1 Partenavia P68C registration(twin engine) VT-TLC There may be more Cessna 172 in the fleet of Wings aviation. However, as per presently available DGCA records, above aircrafts comprise the fleet. COST: with respect to cost, Wings aviation offers hourly flight training cost in medium range. All the aircrafts at Wings aviation are conventional cockpit aircrafts.


APFT is relatively a newer school which started its operations from RGIA initially. However, with the increased traffic at RGIA, they have now moved to Begumpet Airport. APFT has all diamond aircraft fleet with four aircrafts.

3 Diamond DA 40 registration VT-GMR, VT-SDR, VT-SRB

1 Diamond DA42 (Twin Engine) registration VT-GMT

All aircrafts at APFT are glass cockpit and on an average 12 years old. APFT administrative office and hostel is situated close to RGIA airport. However, flying takes place at Begumpet airport.

COST: APFT hourly charges for flight training are on higher side. However, they usually sell a package for CPL that includes ground classes, hostel stay for 18 months and 200 hours of flight training.


Flytech aviation academy is based at Nadirgul airfield which comes under Begumpet airspace and located south east of Begumpet airport. Nadirgul airfield does not have any navigation instrument. Therefore, the airfield is a day operation only airfield. Night flying and Instrument flying for Flytech students takes place at Begumpet Airport. Flytech aircraft fleet has four aircrafts. 3 Cessna 152 registrations VT-FAL, VT-FAO, VT-FAV, VT-FAS There is no twin engine aircraft in the aircraft fleet of Flytech. Cessna 172 is a glass cockpit aircraft.

COST: regarding cost, hourly flight training cost at Flytech is in medium range.

Flying training conditions at Begumpet airport are conductive as the Air Traffic Control is co-operative with flight training activities. Further, weather wise, most of the year, Hyderabad weather is fine for flying.

Presently in southern India, Hyderabad is best location that offers multiple flight training options.

OFLY objective is to disseminate fair and genuine information regarding Aviation. We do not represent any specific flight school. Author of this blog is an Indian Private Pilot and keen observer of Indian aviation market. He flies with multiple flying training schools of India. For consultation on Learn to Fly as hobby or profession. Book your appointment here or write to us


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