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Top 5 Winners will be flying Cessna 172 on this

International Civil Aviation Day

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It's not just a

 07th December, 2023

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OFLY offers the most immersive and comprehensive educational tours to school students that provide aviation awareness and experiential learning. Our tour visits state-of-the-art aviation facilities and provides hands-on learning opportunities to help students gain insight into the aviation industry. With our educational tour, students can gain a greater understanding of the scope and scale of the aviation industry.

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OFLY Participant, Hyderabad

“Thank you OFLY for giving me such a huge opportunity. It was way beyond my expectations, I wasn't sure if I would ever get a chance to ride a simulator or see an aircraft closely before I get my license, but through you I had done it. Me with other students got to learn more about aircraft. We got to know the BTS of it. I never knew that for an aircraft there are people more than the pilot and ATC, i got to learn about them which was really fascinating. An incredible experience.”
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Cessna Citation

Know an Aircraft :
Cessna Citation
M2 - Gen2

Type: Low Wing, Twin Engine Turbo Fan, Aeroplane

Origin: USA

Engine : 2 Williams International FJ44-1AP-21

Number of seats : 1-2 Pilots 5-7 Passengers

Max Cruise Speed : 404 Knots

Primarily used for : Private Travel and Charter Air Travel

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